Abrantes is located in the centre of the main bus and train access connections, including the Beira Baixa train track. It also gives access to the highway A23 Lisbon/Oporto.

It is a district that extends about 713.46 Km2 in which according to the Census demographical studies in 2001 demonstrated, that it has a total of 42.436 inhabitants per all trough the 19th villages.

Regarding to Abrantes natural resources, they have two of the largest hydric resources of the Country. The Tagus River (that crosses extensively around 30Km trough the district), and the Albufeira of Castelo de Bode.

The city also has a strong industrial tradition that more and more affirms its position strategically in the region.

Church of S. João

National Monument. It’s unknown the certain date of it’s construction. The 1st documentary evidences confirm its existence in the 1176. However its initial dimension would not exceed the current central nave space, although it had suffered some remodelling in the 14th and 16th centuries.

Albufeira of Castelo de Bode / Zêzere River

The Albufeira Of Castelo de Bode has 60 Km of extension and it’s the second largest hydrographical basin of the country. Is part of the part of the rich patrimony of the District.

Aquapolis (Urban Park and riverside Abrantes) Tagus River

Area of social interaction and piers of playground, leisure, sport, tourism and culture, to city dwellers and all visitors who wish to enjoy pleasant moments in this space along the river.

S. Lourenço (Urban Park Abrantes)

Place of vital stop for those visiting the city. Is located in a beautiful area with clean air and a sprawling green area.

Military Museum of Cavalry of Abrantes

Location where the long-term exhibition, "Memories and Perspectives of Portuguese Cavalry," from the Collection of Lieutenant Colonel Salgueiro Maia, is open to visitors.

Spring Festival (April)

Usually in April, Abrantes transforms its historical center into a true garden, with activities and group events, where the Flowers takes on a prominent role.

S. Matias Fair and Gastronomy Festival of Flavours of the Tagus (Late February and early March)

The origins date back to the thirteenth century and stands as a landmark in the social and cultural life of the abrantinos and the visitors who come from neighbouring villages, moving here during that period.

Festivities of Abrantes (1st half of June)

The Festivities of Abrantes are the largest social and cultural event of the county, arising from June the 9th to the end on the 14th. It takes place in more than ten different spaces and places within the city, from the Historical Center to the Aquapolis (shores of the Tagus River).

National Fair Exhibition of Traditional Sweets (Late October and early November)

This is a joint initiative of the City Hall of Abrantes and the Tagus - Association for Integrated Development of the Ribatejo region and takes place between the end of October and early November.

Quinta de Coalhos (TH)

Estrada Nacional 118,
2205-306 Pego

E-mail: quintadecoalhos@mail.telepac.pt

Tlm. (+351) 967 018 436 (Sr. Alberty)

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Hotel de Turismo de Abrantes


Largo de Stº António
2200-349 Abrantes

E-mail: sales@hotelabrantes.pt

Tel. 241 361 261
Tlm. 919 369 047

Fax. 241 365 218

Web Site: www.hotelabrantes.pt



Hotel Segredos de Vale Manso

Rua de Vale Manso - Albufeira de Castelo de Bode
2200-061 Aldeia do Mato

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Tel. 241 105 809
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Hotel Abrantur

Estrada nacional 118, km 142, 100 - Apartado 2
2205–905 Pego

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Tel. 241 833 464
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Fax. 241 833 287

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Herdade de Cadouços

Água Travessa – Bemposta
2205-163 Abrantes

E-mail: info@herdadedecadoucos.com
/ herdadedecadoucos@herdadedecadoucos.com

Tel. 241 760 000

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Solar de Alvega (TH)

Estrada Nacional 118, km 149 - Alvega
2205-104 Abrantes

e-mail: solaralvega@yahoo.co.uk

Tel. 241 822 913
Tlm. 917 610 579

Fax. 241 822 915

Web Site: www.solardealvega.com

Residencial Conforto Latino

Avenida 25 de Abril, n.º 49
2200-299 Abrantes

E-mail: confortolatino@clix.pt

Tel. 241 360 620

Fax. 241 360 622

Web Site: www.confortolatino.com

Pousada da Juventude de Abrantes

Av. Eng. Adelino Amaro da Costa
2200-195 Abrantes

E-mail: abrantes@movijovem.pt

Tel. 241 379 210

Fax. 241 379 211

Web Site: www.pousadasjuventude.pt

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