Cascata Group

The Cascata Group mission is to be a strong group of gastronomic value and culinary excellence of the region with social and environmental responsibilities, strengthening corporate reputation based on the quality of services provided, geared towards the utmost satisfaction of clients / visitors / tourists and contributing to local development.

The array of goals for which the field of activities within enterprise and company go falls by:

 - Enhancing the tourism and cultural heritage (Gastronomy, historical patrimony - monuments and nature)

  • Provide quality services
  • Investing in people, knowledge and the needs in society
  • Value the geostrategic location
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of the productive sector

The management and monitoring of the group are based on a number of values, in which are: Initiative, Team Spirit, Commitment, Care, Friendliness, and elegance.

Who we are

It was with the bass with mashed, traditional recipe of Abrantes, a region of large lakes and rivers, that the couple Fernanda and Jose Maria Martins took their Typical Restaurant Cascata to the forefront of the good regional Portuguese cuisine to win a 1st Prize in the National Food and Gastronomy Contest, in the year of the National Tourism itself (1998). Born and raised in the region, Fernanda Martins learned to recover the revenues that she inherited from her mother and as helped Abrantes, which captures the flavours influences of Beira Baixa Alentejo and Ribatejo region, becoming a serious reference on good national cuisine. Bucho and Maranhos, traditional dishes of Beira Baixa, have become a reference on the shores of the Tagus under the influence of this lady that insists introducing her restaurant as a "a flow of fine taste."

The Cascata Indústrias Hoteleiras Lda. Was born in 1983 with the opening of the Typical Cascata Restaurant, which was the a starting point for the great venture which was creating and maintaining a brand that represents the best of Portuguese rich gastronomical tradition based on dedication, quality and efficiency. Some time afterwards (1986, roughly) the opportunity arose to take further and to most people, the quality, rigor, creativity and commitment of this team of professionals through the Cascata Catering.

Over the years, with the results of experience and wisdom, it has led them to winning prizes and more prizes, and brought over and over more clients, whose requests have been growing. Regarding this and simultaneous a dream come true for the family, associates and the whole team of Cascata group, the company opens doors to a new challenge - building the space of Cascata Garden Events. This area came to address the lack of open space and modern provided with more and better conditions.

More recently the company decided to "give" to the city center the restaurant space Abrantes well deserved, by opening a new restaurant, Os Sabores da Cascata, where you can enjoy a privileged sight while it preserves all gastronomical traditions of the group.

With these multifunctional spaces, and a vast experience in the tradition of the regional Portuguese gastronomy as well as the art of serving, there was a further opening doors to the most different events and expectations. Therefore, and at the same time led to taking advantage from the gaps of the local offer, and the Cascata group was extended in 2011. The range of skills gave a more effective response to the level of tourism, which generally includes, accompanying customers / visitors to the discovery the city of Abrantes.


The quality and taste of the delicacies from the group Cascata have been repeatedly recognized to the highest level in several gastronomic competitions in which it participated, and today it’s a reference in to the fine cuisine Ribatejo region relates.

  • Candidature to Portugal Tourism Prize in the category of new private project
  • Diploma Selection Good Bed, Good Food - Expresso - 2008
  • Declaration of Tourist Interest to Restaurant Cascade - General Directorate of Tourism - 2006
  • Blue Star - Selection Quality program, health and safety - 2005
  • Member of the Selection 2004 - AHRESP and ANRET - 2004
  • 2nd ranked in the National Competition of Gastronomy, meat category - Santarém - 2002
  • 1st prize at the National Gastronomy Heritage category of fish - Santarém - 1997/1998 (National Year of Tourism)
  • Honorable mention in the Santarém Food Festival - Santarém - 1997